Tuesday May 22nd, 2012

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: the executioner.

Drove Kat to her first prenatal yoga class this evening. Unfortunately that meant a trip to Penticton, as that's where the nearest classes are offered. Eventually Kat is hoping to take the training to teach it herself, so that locals have a more convenient option.

While she was stretching out with the other expectant mothers, I hung out in a coffee shop up the street and did some writing. For the record, I'd already chosen today's prompt. It had nothing to do with the screaming toddler who hung out less than ten feet away for about twenty minutes tonight.



Beneath the black hood
a scarred man pays his debts and
asks for forgiveness

*     *     *

He keeps his axe sharp
and his wit sharper; his jokes
are just so killer.


Greg said...

A coffee shop isn't a bad place to write; it's how Harry Potter got started (supposedly). Though in JK Rowling's case, I believe she had to bring her own screaming baby with her, so you've definitely got the advantage there!
Have you never thought about joining in the yoga, if only to see the looks on people's faces? ;-)
I like your first haiku better today, possibly because it fits my mood as I look at a long day of meetings.

The executioner
Waiting silently, alone,
For you to arrive.


Damon sadly takes
The steps to the scaffold. But!
Pythias returns!

Iron Bess said...

@Marc - I love the first one, very well done sir.
@Greg - Same with you, the first one definitely works.

She stares at her hands
both are serial killers.
Protagonists die.

She picks up her pen
and stares at the blank pages
which one must die now?

Morrigan Aoife said...

High on the platform
Noose wrapped around his neck, She
Kicks out the barrel


A sharp blade slides fast
Pleased, she watches its descent
Heads are gonna roll

Anonymous said...

marc, don't worry, your toddler won't scream (cos you'll be better parents)

the executioner - haiku

it is not his fault
he has a job to do to
cleanse the world's evil

injection loaded
the tourniquet is tight now
dark soul returns home

Marc said...

Greg - I quite like writing in coffee shops, as long as I can manage to focus.

Really like your first one this week. Very nicely done.

Iron Bess - thank you!

That's a clever take on the prompt! The first one is particularly good, though I appreciated the second one for the way it made sure I fully 'got' the first :)

Morrigan - 'heads are gonna roll' is an awesome ending line :)

Writebite - yes, obviously!

Well, I'd do more than say 'shh' over and over again, at any rate.

Fantastic second haiku. That's just bang on. Really, really dig it.