Tuesday May 1st, 2012

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: hearts.

Because last Tuesday Kat and I heard our baby's heartbeat for the first time and I wanted to write a haiku about it... but it had to wait since we hadn't announced it yet.

More fun with tomatoes today, as well as getting some cabbage transplanted into the garden. Taking a break tomorrow morning to go to my local writing group, then back to work in the afternoon.

T'is the busy time of year.


Your heart beats so fast,
little one, though your birthday
has not yet arrived

*     *     *

He leaves behind a
trail of broken hearts that he
never cared about


Greg said...

Sounds like the garden's back in full swing then! How long before you're telling us about the trials of weeding again? :)
I like your second haiku better, I think, mostly because I know people like that!

The Red Queen is her
Role model: she always shouts
"Off with all their heads!"


She left me three times,
Each time broke my heart in two;
I have eight hearts now.

Anonymous said...

marc...aww can't top that first one, priceless!

morganna said...

Graceful arching stems
Support sweet pink and white hearts
Amid dark green leaves.
I do love my bleeding heart plants -- they are so pretty, and fleeting -- they only bloom in the cool spring.

Cathryn Leigh said...

Hearts - Sarah and Hasón

True soul mates they are
Separated, unknowing
Yet drawn together

Hearts - Rachael

Passion flows over,
Her reputation includes
Heart pumping release

This blog has given me excellent practice for the writing class I just started taking. It seems funny to have a week to write a prompt. Making it less than 500 words shouldn’t be too hard either. *grins*

Krystin Scott said...

Two hearts beat as one
Testimony to their pledge
In life and in love.

Betrayed hearts, fracture
And splinter into pieces
With the loss, love dies.

Iron Bess said...

Busy, busy days here in the most eastern coast of Canada. Finally got my new furniture yesterday...yippee! Kijiji will soon be featuring a new ad for the sale of "Old Lady Furniture" purple flowers and all. lol


Love is a trial
when he jumps in with both feet,
heartbroken he cries.

She feels bad for him
it was only a date, no?
Caller ID rules!

Anonymous said...

hearts - haiku

hearts were transplanted
swapped from body to body
making him anew...

his emotions grew
his lady's heart lay beating
this change made him whole

Marc said...

Greg - ugh, weeding.

Haha, fantastic final line in your second haiku :)

Writebite - thanks :)

Morganna - lovely description, makes me want one myself.

Cathryn - really like your first one.

A whole week for one prompt? Sounds pretty slack to me :P

Krystin - two beautiful haiku, at opposite ends of the relationship spectrum. Nicely done.

Iron Bess - well, you can pretty much always count on an old lady being around to snatch stuff like that up!

Hahaha, love that second one.

Writebite (again) - really like that first one, it's a nice twist on the prompt.