Tuesday May 15th, 2012

The exercise:

This week Two Haiku Tuesday brings us: the billionaire.

Inspired by listening to this song a few too many times today. I suppose I should mention that there are a few bad words in there, the first of which is right at the start. But it's feeling like summer recently and that's a good summer tune.

Another hot one here today, so Kat and I headed to the garden a lot earlier than yesterday. We managed to get some more planting done, as well as some thinning and weeding of earlier seedings. I finally finished getting the wood chips around the strawberries before we headed for the shade to do some more potting up.

Unfortunately the deck has been moved down the priority list for the moment, but we're making good progress on the farm side of things so I'm hoping to get back to the woodworking in the next few days.

Last, but most importantly: happy birthday Mom!


Paralysis by
analysis means all this
money does no good

*     *     *

On a private jet,
flying high above it all,
he longs for a friend.


Cathryn Leigh said...

@Macr - I like your second hiaku best. Here's my take. :}

The Billionaire

money has issues
proprietor is dieing
everyone squables

helpful relation
company until the end
money goes to love

Iron Bess said...

Too bad I can't put pictures on comments I would have totally put the picture of the bird's nest with two eggs in it that I snapped yesterday.

@ Marc your first one reminds me of work! I knew a LOT of engineers like that.

@ Cathryn wow! money and love...you don't hear that often.

Anyway here is mine for today.

If you, Like, click here,
Poke Jane Jones because she poked you.
Say hi to aunt May.

Mark’s great idea,
He has more money than god.
Facebook goes public.

Morrigan Aoife said...

Using his money
To aid the homeless
A flawless gesture


Depressed Billionaire
Blessed with material things
Lonely in the heart

Anonymous said...

Hi Marc, I'm sat in Amsterdam (Schipol airport) waiting for a connecting flight, mostly exhausted and looking at a very long day tomorrow as well. I arrived in Estonia late Monday and left again today; saw a little bit of Tallinn and a lot of work :) I like both your haiku today, but I'm in no state to construct my own, sorry.

Marc said...

Cathryn - I like the story your first one tells; I could just picture all the interested parties in one room, yelling and pointing fingers.

Iron Bess - that sounds like a pretty sweet picture! Feel free to post it elsewhere and leave a link for us here :)

Ha, I think your second one sums up the situation perfectly.

Morrigan - I like both of yours. In my head they could easily be about the same person, which tickles my fancy.

AnonyGreg - I've actually been in that airport once; from what I recall it's a fairly nice one.

Darn work trips taking you away from writing :/ Looking forward to you having time and energy to share your work with us.