Saturday May 19th, 2012

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about: the surfer.

We had a pretty good market this morning in Penticton, with lots of people out enjoying the sunshine. Sold a lot more tomato plants, which frees up space in the greenhouse for... pepper plants!

And also more tomato plants.


Tall, tanned, and ready to ride,
He stands barefoot on the sand;
Board in hand he hits the waves,
While his worries wait on land.


Greg said...

Bell pepper (capsicum) or chile pepper plants? Or both? I have a couple of chile pepper plants that I've been slowly potting up over the last couple of years, and though they're not growing that fast they do produce a great little harvest of miniature chile peppers :)
I can picture your surfer so easily from your poem, and the sea is a great place to let your worries wash away for a while.

The surfer
Fat, pale, and ready to flame,
He has pizza on speed-dial and only pants on;
Phone in his hand he hits the net,
The pizza is coming and there's work to be done.

[Sorry, couldn't resist parodying yours a little!]

writebite said...

marc... i couldn't resist... a take on your take

the surfer

short, fat, ready to browse
he sits in Nikes in the lounge 
keyboard in hand, he connects the ’net
typing away he places a bet

Morrigan Aoife said...

Ya'll are funny... Of course you'd take the darker side... =)


Wearing a name brand swim suit
She lays in wait on a wooden board
Smelling of coconut and tropical fruit
Her glistening golden body adored

Morrigan Aoife said...

@ Marc (side bar please...)

Check out this site.. I've never heard of even half of these poetic forms.

Marc said...

Greg - both, though the hot peppers are mostly to sell as plants. The restaurant has never ordered them, they don't sell very well at the market, and only one or two locals seem interested in them.

Well, as it is a rather excellent parody, I shall allow it :P

Writebite - you too?! Hah, no worries.

I was actually considering going with a net surfer myself, so I'm glad to see both of you going that route for me :)

Morrigan - that's some great imagery and atmosphere in yours. Really paints a scene.

Oh my, that's a fun list! I've not heard of most of those either. The Alouette looks rather tempting...