Tuesday May 29th, 2012

The exercise:

Two Haiku Tuesday would like you to discuss: patience.

The deck is slightly closer to completion. We had to pause to figure out where the stairs would be going in and get a couple of supports drilled in before we covered them over with decking. Maybe tomorrow we'll finish it off?

Spent the morning in the garden with Kat, doing some much needed weeding. It'll be good to put the deck behind me (underneath my feet?) so we can finally focus on the farm.


It's fine. Take your time.
What's the hurry? There's... no... rush...
Come on! FINISH IT!

*     *     *

If you wait for it
true love will enter your life;
trust in the process.


Greg said...

Stairs? You know, before you had a child on the way you'd just have enjoyed jumping off and climbing back up again :-P
I like your first haiku better today, as it seems to reflect work quite well. Lots of suggestions that things should be done carefully, thoughtfully and in five seconds flat.

They call'd her Patience
But fast food is just too slow,
She runs everywhere.

Perfection takes time.
In the sighing of the wind
Patience may be found.

Iron Bess said...

@Marc - your first one sounds like what happens around here. But not from me.

@Greg - your second one is great today. Poignant.

Waiting. Patience now.
My husband doesn’t have it.
Do it yesterday.

Waiting. Patience now.
My daughter doesn’t have it.
Oh sigh, genetics.

Morrigan Aoife said...

Models of patience
Constantly in the habit
The traits of a nun

First you plant the seed
Tend it and watch as it grows
At last knowledge blooms....

Cathryn Leigh said...

Screaming kids running
Dog circle to go potty
Single moms handle?

A word hard to spell
And harder yet to come by
In this fast paced world

Marc said...

Greg - for sure. And we'd definitely not be putting in railings :P

Love your second one this week.

Iron Bess - hahaha, what a great pair of haiku. That final line is perfect :D

Morrigan - your second one is resonating with me at the moment. Very appropriate.

Cathryn - hah, like your second one best this week. Mostly because after I typed the prompt my first thought was 'Did I spell that right?'