Tuesday May 8th, 2012

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: forgetfulness.

Got another piece of the deck foundation done this evening, hoping to get the final beam in place tomorrow night. Then we do the joists, then we actually get to put the decking on!

Took some of my pictures, a partial Best Of collection I guess you could call it, in to get developed for something that will be revealed next week (assuming all goes to plan). A professional photographer runs the shop and while he was looking them over said the following, in order:

"That's a nice shot."

"That's nice too."

"That's a beautiful shot... you've got some nice stuff here."

I'll let you know when my feet hit the ground again.


Does anyone know
where we are or how in the
world we wound up here?

*     *     *

Armed with an empty
shopping cart, he stands helpless,
grocery list at home.


Greg said...

That's good news about the photographs! I've always been impressed by your pictures, but I'm far from being a professional :) So... farmer, photographer, writer – were you planning on letting anyone else be good at things up there is Osoyoos? ;-)

I like both haikus a lot today, but I think the second one very slightly edges out the first, at least in part because I'm sure I've done that once (*blush*)

Umm,... de-dum de-dum,
Doo-be-doo-be-doo, um, ah,
Oh! Then it fell off!


It's amnesia,
And not just forgetfulness.
Who are you again?

Cathryn Leigh said...


She went up the stairs
To get soemthing from her bedroom
Now why is hse there?

Up, down, all a round
My brian is in a tizzy
My keys are lost again!

morganna said...

The seedlings slowly
Wilt, waiting for the water
That never comes.

Iron Bess said...

I’m looking for keys
or was that the umbrella?
Maybe my coffee?

Where are my glasses?
Leave the room to remember
On my head again.

Morrigan Aoife said...

Thoughts clouded by age
Unable to concentrate
Where are my damn keys?


Quite hard to forgive
Impossible to forget

Marc said...

Greg - professional or no, your opinion still means a lot to me. So thank you for the encouragement :)

Your first haiku got a chuckle out of me.

Cathryn - oh jeez, your first one could describe me during at least three moments every day.

I have not forgotten your email. In fact, I shall reply when I'm done here and then I shall go to bed.

Morganna - that's excellent, I love the implied forgetfulness.

Also: it made me worry that I'd forgotten to water our seedlings today.

Iron Bess - hah, I've seen your second one play out more than a few times. Cracks me up :)

Krystin / Morrigan - I've gotten so used to calling you that I almost didn't notice your name change!

Two wonderfully contrasting haiku; I do enjoy such different angles on the same prompt.