Sunday May 20th, 2012

The exercise:

Write about: branching out.

Wherein I finally get around to explaining what I was talking about almost two weeks ago.


I've been wanting to do something with my photographs for a while now, I just couldn't figure out exactly what that something might be. This may not be my end goal, but it's a manageable beginning.

Manageable beginnings, by the way, are far superior to never even starting because I'm aiming too high or too big.

The idea for this was actually sparked last year when we received our application for the Penticton farmers market. Part of the package is a list of all possible things vendors might be bringing with them to sell; all we have to do is tick what applies to us.

One of the items was photography, followed shortly by cards. And I thought, hey that could be neat. But there was absolutely no time for me to get organized for last season so I left them unchecked, with the thought that I'd like to be prepared to do it this year.

So far I've had quite a few very nice compliments at the market and a few sales as well. I'm hoping as more tourists start arriving in the summer the sales will pickup, but at least this is one thing we're selling that we can bring back week after week without having to worry about it spoiling.

The plan, assuming things go well, is to add a few more photographs during the summer, and then a few more towards the fall. I'm hoping it gets to that point, but I suppose that's out of my control. For now I'm just trying to enjoy this new ride I'm on.


Anonymous said...

Branching Out

go ahead, have a go
branching out is good for the soul
if you stay in one place, you’ll never know
life IS the main act so enjoy the show

Cathryn Leigh said...

Branching Out

I'm branching out.
Reading new genres, you know.
But I ought to go back to the ones I write.
Branch into reading new authors.
time will only tell where I'll go.
But I have had published my first piece of prose!


morganna said...

Emily dug furiously in the dirt under the spreading tree. 'Chris, it's not working out. I think we're going to have to try Plan B.'

Chris replied, 'I'm sorry, Em. It seemed like such a great plan to branch out into being cat burglars. I guess it's back to roaming the roads again.'

Emily's shovel clanged on something. 'Good. It's still here.'

She dug more slowly until they could lift out a large metal box. They brushed off the dirt, and opened it up. Inside lay colorful gypsy clothes. They stripped off the clothes they were wearing, changed into what was in the box, and shrugged into the rucksacks from the bottom of the box. Their old clothes went in the box, and they reburied it, carefully replacing the sod on the hole when they were done. Before dawn, two young travellers swung onto the road, brushing away their footsteps with leaves.

Morrigan Aoife said...

Live from W.W. K-8 Elementary ... LOL


RE: Banch Out

Oh no another Facebook app has attacked my page!
I have no time for these requests, so I’m in a rage!
All this wasted writing time; it must surely be a sin,
Wasn’t it enough for you that we’re connected on LinkedIn?

Marc said...

Writebite - love it! Great flow and rhythm :)

Cathryn - it's good to read new genres, as there's always something you might be able to bring back to your usual one.

And congrats on the publication! Sorry, I'd meant to reply to your email... hmm, probably a few days ago now.

Morganna - hah, I just remembered who Chris and Emily are as I was starting to reply to yours. I quite like that, it could be a satisfying conclusion to their tale, or the start of a whole new adventure. Nicely done!

Morrigan - heh, I just ignore all Facebook app requests, just not interested in them at all.

Or maybe I'm just scared that if I try one I'll get hooked and end up wasting oodles of time.

One or the other.