Friday March 15th, 2013

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose that have something to do with: notice.

I had to look through a lot of posts to make sure I hadn't used that prompt before. A few of them I am quite fond of, but I found one in particular that I really liked. Since it was before any of you were regular visitors to this corner of the internet (a fair assumption, I think, with 0 comments on the post), if you're feeling like writing more than a paltry four lines of prose today, head over here and write some more.

If this works out, I might do this more often. Maybe try to fill up some older prompts that have yet to see some commenting love.

We shall see.


It was a wonderfully warm afternoon here today; it was so lovely, in fact, that I was wearing shorts outside for the first time this year.

It was so nice that I didn't notice the first two mosquitoes of the season wandering into the house while I was watching Max.

So nice, indeed, that I didn't notice them until after one decided to bite me on my left calf.

Max, however, very definitely noticed me freaking the hell out once I realized what had just happened - it is, after all, much too bloody early for this sort of nonsense.


Greg said...

Mosqitoes already? Oh well, I guess Max needs to learn how to curse when they're around ;-) I can quite see why you'd be upset to be bitten already though!
As for the shorts... well, it's still pretty wintry here, I don't think we'll be ready for that for a couple of months yet!

The notice was quite clear: No drinks beyond this point. Arthur, zookeeper grade 2 and snake-wrangler grade 4 (also Grand Wizard of the 26th degree but that's another story), watched as yet another visitor read the sign, looked about and didn't see anything other than the drinks-bin, and decided to carry on. He counted under his breath and was mildly impressed to reach 7 before the screaming started. Then he put his brush down, pulled on some fresh latex gloves, and walked whistling into the darkness.

Mo said...

It is interesting that our 9:15 rendezvous always started with talking about MTV to get us in the mood to pay attention; you made eye contact - you saw me laughing and having fun as if you thought that was your ticket in. It is also interesting that you never noticed that I can memorize everything I hear and that I don’t actually do any work outside of class. To be fair, no one else noticed that I pass tests just by listening either. Had we all figured that out a little earlier, I might not be here looking up prose 15 years later.

I don't actually know what I'm doing here. I only started writing a little over a week ago. I hope it's ok that I just randomly joined this group. I found it and looked like anyone could join. Anyway, It's fun and interesting. Have a nice day.

Greg said...

Hi Mo!
You're very welcome to join out little writing group, and I know Marc will be welcoming you when he adds his comments to this post as well. Feel free to comment on other people's writing too; Marc always offers a little encouragement and advice for us all to help us improve.
I like your four lines; they flow naturallly and tell an interesting little story. I'm not completely sure I understand the ending, but it's given me something to think about, and that makes me happy too :)

Mo said...

Thanks, Greg! That last line means I didn't learn what I was suppose to learn in school so I am doing it now. I had to look up "prose". Basically my prose was about looking up prose. ha.

Marc said...

Greg - yeah, the cold returned today. Hoping it won't stick around for long...

I am intrigued by Arthur. I think I might like to hear more about him!

Mo - as Greg said, everyone is welcome to join in the fun. We're just practicing our writing, and hopefully learning a little bit in the process.

So welcome, and I hope you find the blog useful :)