Friday March 1st, 2013

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose which take place on: the yellow brick road.

Apologies for the back to back road prompts, but The Wizard of Oz was on TV tonight and we caught a small portion of it before bringing Max back home to put him to bed.

Since I've been so terrible about taking pictures of Max myself recently, here's one our neighbour Sarah took a week or so ago when Kat went for a walk with her and the kids:

The hat is borrowed, as it turned out to be colder than Kat expected and she didn't have one of Max's with her. Which is fine because, as I have discovered, hats are far cuter on babies when they're way too big for them.


The yellow paint is chipped and fading, where it is not covered by the advancing weeds. No adventurers have skipped along this storied path in many a moon. The maintenance crews have all retired or moved on to more fulfilling jobs.

These days, everyone travels by flying monkey.


Greg said...

I don't think you need to apologise for the prompts; after all, you're doing us a service by providing them! As well as cute pictures of Max! I might be deceiving myself (as he is only still young) but I think he looks like you in that picture :)
Heh, I like your take on the Yellow Brick Road some time in the future. I think it sounds like an interesting setting for something to happen along it now....

The yellow brick road
The road out of Kansas City into Missouri had been paved with yellow bricks at a cost to the state of an undisclosed number of millions of dollars. Some of that had been bribes to Missouri to get them to accept the extension of the road into their state as well. All because the Mayor of Kansas City liked to be able to say, as his chauffeur drove him along the road, "You know, Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas any more!"
His Chauffeur, who'd been forced to change his name by deed poll to Toto, shot him on 7th July at 3:45pm.

Marc said...

Greg - I think he's a good mix of Kat and I, but I am seeing more of myself in him these days.

Hah! Well, I can't say I blame poor Toto for that one.

Burndtree said...

Warm hat.
Max looks content.
Life is good :)

I also like this 'road' prompt just fine, Marc. I thought Toto would too...y'know, road trip, rock band ;)

Here's mine:

A standoff along the yellow brick road today, three kick-steps and a song east of Emerald City. Chorusing "Not on my yellow brick road", Munchkin environmentalists halted Flying Monkey Corp bulldozers. No bulldozers were damaged in the ensuing musical number. Bulldozer operators are reported to have applauded, before rolling on.

Marc said...

Burnd - good to hear from you again :)

Ha, I can picture this scene quite clearly. Love that final line :D