Tuesday March 19th, 2013

The exercise:

Write two haiku inspired by the word: soft.

Forgot to mention this yesterday: I took Max to the health clinic to get him weighed, since it had been almost a month since we'd last done that (he was fifteen and a half pounds back then).

Now? Seventeen pounds.

I'm sure if I'd asked it, my back could have told me that.


So soft and quiet
it was nearly missed; father's
final wheezing breath.

*     *     *

She enters the room
clad in a white dress that feels
like wearing a cloud.


Greg said...

Heh, my dog weighs about 7 pounds and it gets tiring carrying her about after about half-an hour; I can imagine that Max starts feeling heavy after about fifteen minutes! Still, it sounds like he's gaining weight well. You'll have to teach him to walk already!
I like your first haiku better today because it's sentimental without being overpowering. And because there's at least two ways to continue that, in very different veins!

No-one told him that
pillows should be soft. He stuff'd
them all with sharp rocks.

Piano pedal
broke. Moonlight Sonata sounds
like Anvil Chorus.

[Both Moonlight Sonata and Anvil Chorus are actual pieces of music, if you're curious.]

Anonymous said...

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MosesMalone said...

Tiny new piggies;
I never knew this softness.
Ten perfect toes. Love.

Exhausted new mom
Dreaming of my soft pillow.
Stop looking at clock

I know I have already deleted this entry, but I am having trouble figuring out how to post this the new way. -Mo

Marc said...

Greg - yeah, no rush on the walking thing. That's a whole bucket of trouble that I am not ready for yet.

Hah! I was aware of Moonlight Sonata, but not Anvil Chorus. Makes that one all the better :)

Monika - thanks! And I appreciate the offer but free time is extremely limited these days.

Mo - love the sentiment of your first one, and can totally appreciate the feelings behind the second.

And no worries about the deletion and figuring things out, since I was the one that forced the new way upon you :)