Monday March 4th, 2013

The exercise:

Today's writing inspiration: the goodnight ghosts.

Just before he falls asleep, Max sometimes stares off at nothing and appears to have a brief, calm little conversation. I've decided that he's talking to The Goodnight Ghosts.

I have no idea what you guys are going to do with this prompt, but at least you now know where the hell it came from.


Our dear little boy,
So precious and polite;
Before each slumber
He always says goodnight.

While he is dreaming
We perform our duty:
Watching and guarding
This bundle of beauty.

We do not worry,
Our secret he will keep;
He only sees us
Before he falls asleep.


Greg said...

Echoes of the Sixth Sense there in your post today! I like the idea of the Goodnight Ghosts though, and think you should run with and extend it! It sounds like it could make a really good children's book – and you can road-test it on Max :)
While the content of your poem today is perhaps just a touch too sweet for my jaded, cynical tooth, I do like the staggered, staccato rhythm you've got in there. Definitely modernist poetry, and quite refreshing!

The Goodnight ghosts
Report to Jeremy Diseased-Rat, CEO of Data Analytics Marketetic Normalisations, 5th March 2013:

As per section 6 of the contract we met with Gordon Ramstone, Head of Marketing for Goodnight. During that meeting it was established that Goodnight wish to expand their product range beyond their current lines of children's nightwear and we were asked to present options. The options we were able to brainstorm in the fifteen minute window allowed for lunch were presented, and are listed below. Gordon expressed some surprise at the options, and we concluded that he had been expecting us to fail. Predictably, therefore, he had picked option C as the one to proceed with. Our recommendation in this case is to partner with a suitable hospice to guarantee an initial market. I have tasked Manguy and Jeronica with locating one.

A) Children are known for nocturnal incontinence, sometimes up to their teenage years. Goodnight should extend their range to include items intended to mitigate the effects (particularly shame) of such incontinence. Suggestions would be: rubber pyjamas, bedsheets with an absorbent, lock-away core, and "nappies" tailored by mainstream designers to become fashion items. Perhaps Lady Gaga could be persuaded to wear them?

B) Children are heavily influenced by the media around them, so Goodnight could create an animated series based around its nightwear and use this to drive children to demand more nightwear. Additionally, the characters created for this series could be merchandised onto lunchboxes, beverage-holders, rucksacks and t-shirts, allowing Goodnight to branch out into supplying the full child-care clothing experience.

C) Children die, and this is tragic. Goodnight could produce a range of luxury products for sick and ill-omened children to ease their suffering and provide comfort. Goodnight could further market this using the "Goodnight ghosts", a friendly grandparent couple who provide these luxury items to poorly children and then, if they should succumb, guide them on to a better life in the next world with the assurance that the Goodnight ghosts are looking after them.

Marc said...

Greg - hmm, that could be an interesting challenge. I shall add it to my piles of ideas waiting to be acted upon :)

I am all in favor of A, B is probably being plotted for a dozen different companies as I type this, and C... well, while it seems difficult to implement, I think it's a rather fine idea.