Saturday March 23rd, 2013

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about: the prisoner.

This is the last post I'm scheduling before departing on our road trip, so hopefully I'll be able to find time before Sunday night to do some more writing.


I am lurking behind these bars,
Not alone, but kept company by a lie:
He believes himself to be free,
But he is a prisoner as much as I.


Greg said...

That's a very neat little poem, with a gentle sting in the tail. Very fitting for your little arc about this prison!

The prisoner
Locked inside a quantum prison,
Contemplating the world of maths,
The number theorist knows he can
Escape down many paths.

christine said...

Nice one:)

The Prisoner

I watch them as they move around me,
I listen as they talk at me,
I feel their hands manipulate me.
Me. Mute. Inactive. Stroke struck Prisoner.

MosesMalone said...

Nothing fun or good to eat
No baseball games or grisly meat
No privacy or grown up talk
A prisoner; a 90-year-old man who cannot walk.

Marc said...

Greg - thanks!

Great rhythm, and an intriguing setup to a potential ending to your own tale.

Christine - thank you :)

Oof, that final line definitely packs a punch. Some very good work there.

Mo - ack, and your final line as well! Consider me very impressed.