Tuesday March 12th, 2013

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: the ocean.

For no reason in particular. I was just running through a list of words in my head, waiting to hit one that both had potential and hadn't already been used.

A house filled with sick people isn't much fun. Thankfully it seems like Kat is almost over her cold, and we're hoping Max is as well.

Me? I'm still getting my butt kicked.


With a salty hand
it brushes the shore before
retreating once more.

*     *     *

A distant rumble
calls it to action; fear the
coming of the waves.


Greg said...

Well, if you're managing the illness as a relay team that's must help. And the improvements in the weather will hopefully make you feel better too :)
I really like your first haiku this week, it's a perfect description of the ocean in haiku form! The second one is good too, just not as good as the first :)

Beside the seaside,
Listening to the ocean roar,
I joined the Navy.

Below the ocean
In the silence of the deep
I dream of freedom.

Anonymous said...

Baby cries at sand toes
Looking silly put on socks
Happy baby now

Playing Jaws at beach
Scared myself while mother sleeps
No more sea today

Marc said...

Greg - yeah, I kinda mailed in that second one, knowing I couldn't top the first :P

I quite like your second one. The narrator could be so many things... oh, the possibilities.

Anon - hah, I really like your second as well. Both are good, but that second one triggered the bigger smile.

Mo said...

Greg, were you in a submarine? Is that what below the ocean meant?

Anonymous said...

sorry that it has been such a long time since i last posted Marc. I can't come up with a good haiku sooooo i'm going to write something about the ocean.

The whispers of the ocean mist is alluring. I can feel it, calling me. But, the sight of that ghastly thing that appears when a miniscule drop of water touches me turns me off. Yet whenever that delicious smell of fish reaches my nose I want to dive in. This is it. The night. The night I leave for the place where I belong. The ocean.

Marc said...

Papple - no apology needed :)

Wonderfully intriguing scene. Really enjoyed that!