Friday March 8th, 2013

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose about something that is: soothing.

Max seems to have picked up his very first cold. He's generally taking it pretty well, but he's not a big fan of trying to sleep with so much nasal congestion.

Not that he would have any idea what nasal congestion is, exactly.

He'd probably just refer to his current issue as: way too many boogers in my nose.


This link right here will lead you to a song the rest of the world knows as Go It Alone, performed by the man who goes by the name of Beck. Around here, however, it is known simply as: The Magic Song.

If we're driving Max somewhere and he starts to get a bit fussy, I turn to this track and he settles down instantly, without fail.

The kid just loves this song... and I dearly hope that I haven't jinxed its magical powers with this post.


Greg said...

That's good news about having a song that'll calm Max down! And it's one you like too, which makes it all that much better :) Sadly I guess it won't help that much with his cold, but they're just a fact of life.

Her eyes were red and her nose was runny and she had been feeling thoroughly sorry for herself all day. Now home at last, she'd slipped into her favourite fleecy nightdress, made a cup of hot chocolate with extra sugar, turned the electric blanket and the television on, and was determined to be comforted as much as possible. She picked the Vick's Vaporub out of the medicine cupboard, allowed herself a soft, phlegmy sigh, and went to her bed.
Sadly she didn't know that her mother had refilled the Vick's jar with smelling salts when it ran out last week....

Marc said...

Greg - yes, I am very grateful that it's a song I like a lot. Hopefully this doesn't lead to playing it so much that I get sick of it...

Oh dear, I fear this will not end well for our heroine.