Saturday March 16th, 2013

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about: the fox.

We began the rather intimidating job of cleaning up our strawberry plants today. There's a whole lot of dead weeds to clear out, then we get to spread wood chips - which should hopefully lessen the number of dead weeds we have to deal with next year.

I think Kat and I are basically over our colds, and Max seems like he's almost there as well.

Which is good, because we're planning on going on a big road trip to Vancouver and Vancouver Island next week.

I should probably get my act together and start scheduling posts for that, huh?


What a clever fellow
Is this smiling young man;
Sadly he's intent on
Winning my daughter's hand.


Greg said...

The weeding sounds like the hardest part of tending to the strawberry plants then. If the wood chips help with that in the long run, then that's definitely a useful investment of time in spreading them.
Road trip! I guess you're visiting people in Vancouver while you're out that way then? I'm sure you've mentioned family living on Vancouver Island as well.
Heh, what a charming fox you describe today!

The fox
A fox once caught a rabbit
And let the rabbit plead its case.
After listening for an hour
The fox ate Rabbit's face.

Mo said...

twitterpated, full heart love
gorgeous boy in uniform
marry him! stone. cold. fox.
eternal youth in his son

Anonymous said...

The fox is a beast
Who like to feast
On the prize
Of the girl's little dollar

It doesn't really rhyme :(

Marc said...

Greg - weeding is the hardest part... right up until the harvesting begins :P

Aye, visiting friends and some of Kat's family in Vancouver, then to the island to visit with my parents and more friends.

Yup, that sounds like fox behaviour to me. Nicely captured :)

Mo - quite enjoyed the flow and word choices in this one. Nicely done!

Papple - no worries, poems don't always have to rhyme :)

And welcome back! I hope you've been well.

Anonymous said...

I sure have been Marc :)

I've really missed writing on here.
Schoolwork has been really tough at the moment.