Thursday March 7th, 2013

The exercise:

I think it's about time for us to do some more unfavorable comparisons. Past time, really, because somehow I haven't busted this one out since June.

Had a pretty full day of farm related work. I'm finally getting around to updating our website, which I've hardly touched since October. I've got most of it done but I'm not hitting the publish button until everything is ready, since so much of it is interrelated.

We also conducted a couple of interviews (one by phone, the other over Skype) in our attempt to find a farm volunteer/intern/call them what you will for this summer. They both went well, so now all we have to do is pick one.

Which is proving rather difficult... this might take a few days to figure out.


I would tell you in great detail how Madame Jenkins was dressed and the makeup she wore, but I wouldn't want my Pug to get his hopes up.

*     *     *

The coffee at the truck stop brought back memories of my time in a POW camp. Except that wasn't coffee they made us drink.

*     *     *

Forcing me to watch reality TV is like ripping my soul from my body and lighting it on fire. And then putting out said fire by beating it with iron clubs. And then setting it on fire again. And then... you get the idea.

*     *     *

If this painting belongs in a museum, and apparently someone thinks it does, then so does one of my son's dirty diapers.


Greg said...

Heh, I'd noticed that updates on the farm website had slowed, but I'd put that down to winter coming and there not being a huge amount to add.
Is there not enough work to hire both interns?
While I like all of your comparisons, I think the first and the fourth are winners for me today. Especially since I think you mean it about the fourth :) (I know you mean it about the third!)

Unfavourable comparisons
Her taxidermy reminded me of my mother's Sunday roast: everything was rather underdone, there was too much stuffing everywhere, and grace was a prayer said that the animal had been dead before she got her hands on it.

His photography looked like it had been done by a blind child who'd been given a camera and told it was a sandwich press.

In her prom dress, with the corsage tied on at last, she looked like Bela Lugosi.

When she'd chosen the colour of her spray-on tan someone really should have told her what meconium was. At least it suited her.

Marc said...

Greg - mostly it was being too busy with Max to wrap things up (we still had the produce price list from October up there!). And now that the next season is starting up, there was lots that needed updating.

There is certainly enough work to go around, but it's a problem of money and space. We're paying a small monthly stipend and can't really afford to double it, and our intern will be camping by our home and sharing the facilities and meals with us.

Despite this, we're still considering bringing them both in...

That... is an unfortunate prom outfit. Also, your last one makes me wish I didn't know what meconium is :P