Tuesday March 26th, 2013

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: interference.

Had a wonderful visit with a high school friend and her one-year-old daughter this afternoon. It was great to catch up with her and meet her super, super adorable little girl. I told Max he had to be on his best behaviour if he's going to stand a shot with this one.

He responded by being his usual charming self.

Also: by not having a massive, smelly poop until just before our guests departed.


The goal seems so clear,
lurking just out of reach; he
gets in his own way.

*     *     *

Spring comes to melt snow,
send it rushing to the sea;
beaver disagrees.


Greg said...

Heh, are you starting to feel old yet, realising that you and the people you went to school with now have children? Still, it sounds like you had fun showing Max off!
I thought I liked your first haiku better at first, and then I realised that the subtlty in your second means I actually like it better. Nice work!

Pass light rays through this
Diffraction grating. Patterns
of interference.


We make much mischief
Interfering with machines.
We are your gremlins!

MosesMalone said...

Another bad day
ice cream ran interference
make it all go 'way

your interference
makes me lose my shit. god damn.
F***! Let me finish!!!!

Marc said...

Greg - yes, very old :/

Glad you liked mine! Quite like both of yours, the first slightly more.

Mo - hah, appreciate your first, very much. And have totally been there with your second. So many, many times.