Friday August 16th, 2013

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose about: the agent.

Hauling 14 crates of beautiful peaches to market tomorrow morning, along with lots of tomatoes, berries, corn, and even some garlic.

The forecast is calling for pretty ideal temperatures, so hopefully the crowds respond in kind.


My memories of those first days in the Witness Protection Program are admittedly hazy. There was so much secrecy and commotion, and I always seemed to be surrounded by a whirlwind of people and documents.

But there is one day in particular that I remember with perfect clarity, for it contained a moment that cannot be erased from my mind.

It was the exact second that I realized that I could never trust an FBI agent ever again.


Greg said...

Fourteen crates of peaches! That sounds like a lot, but I guess it won't take long for a crate to be emptied by hungry people at the market :)
Heh, I did wonder what kind of agent you were going to use at the end there, and it's a nice little twist; nothing too serious this time, but enough to make me wonder what's gone before!

The agent
In secure sub-basement 3, which was only available on video feed as far as most people knew, were oil-drums filled wth nerve agent. Charles Ascuigimento, Head of Building Security, sent in a two-man team once every three months of check the integrity of the drums, and a different two-man team once every five months to check the integrity of the delivery system. Neither team knew of the other, or what they were actually inspecting.
Charles sighed and sat back, hoping that he'd never have to deploy the agent.

Abhi M said...

She just stood there
"'Left? OR Right?"
"Inky pinky ponky......."
She chose left

She lay there thinking
She got hit by a car
If she had turned right......

Marc said...

Greg - it definitely is a lot. I was quite surprised we sold so much of it!

Hah, glad that this prompt (unintentionally) allowed you to continue yesterday's piece. Charles is such a fascinating character.

Abhi - those 'if only' thoughts are the worst. We can torture ourselves mad with them.