Saturday August 3rd, 2013

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about: learning.

We had a really excellent market, as the crowds were plentiful right from the get go. Sold an impressive amount of nectarines, all of the peaches and apples and berries, almost all of our cherry tomatoes, and a record number of my cards (22, as best I can figure out - I don't think I'd ever sold more than 10 at a single market before).

So I was feeling pretty good as we were packing up the truck to head back home.

And then Kat's dad showed up and put an end to that.

He'd brought Kat and Max up to the hospital to get our little one checked out again, as he really hasn't been himself lately. For periods of time, anyway. In between those bouts (of whatever) he's raring to go.

He drove the truck back to Osoyoos and I took the car over to emergency. They ran a few more tests, made a couple of suggestions, and then we spent the night at Kat's aunt and uncle's place in Penticton.

Which is why this is going up so late.

Currently, Max is doing well again. There have been no further episodes since Saturday morning and we're hoping that the extra things we're trying are helping him. We'll see, I guess.


The little one learned to say Da
Just the other day.
Now if he'd stop after just two
We'll be on our way.

Also: if he would only say Dadadadadadadadadada while looking at me, instead of anybody and everybody, that would make it a little more special.


Greg Bennett said...

Wow, whatever bug it is that's got its grip on Max it's definitely putting you all on an emotional rollercoaster ride! I do hope that you've seen the last of it now.
That's a great market, by the way. Congratulations!
And you're just looking at the Dadadadadada the wrong way. Clearly Max wishes to be a surrealist artist and is letting you know the only way he can... ;-) Actually, I think you should take it to mean that he's looking for you when he says that, but hasn't worked out where you are yet.
Cute little poem though :)

After several hours of sweat and toil
Three lines adorn my page.
The proof is clear, the logic's pure,
But should learning bring such rage?

Marc said...

Greg - thanks, us too.

Hah, you're quite right - I had not thought of that angle :P

Ah, learning rage. I remember that well.