Saturday August 24th, 2013

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about: opinions.

Mine wasn't inspired by anything that happened today, just by a thought I had after reading an acquaintance's post on Facebook earlier this week.

The market went really well this morning, as the crowds were quite profuse thanks to the triathlon happening tomorrow. Them athletes like their fruit, it seems.


He has many opinions,
Knows all of them are right;
I remain unconvinced,
But it's not worth the fight...


Greg said...

Well, if the triathlon is good for business let's hope there are more of them! I would expect athletes to enjoy fruit though, and be keen on the very-fresh, from -the-market-today version.
Heh, I agree completely with your poem today. There are many times when I've just nodded and smiled rather than confront the opinions of someone I know won't listen to debate.

"I've got lots and lots of opinions,"
I heard my daughter say.
I auditioned her for Trisha –
she's on almost every day!

[I did think of splitting it as O-pinions, but trying to work a pun about building model birds into just four lines defeated me today :(]

David said...

I have one
you have one
she has one
he has two

Traci said...

Many though they are
Very few are requested
Ignore them you wont
Although you probably should

Marc said...

Greg - in all fairness, I think that would defeat me pretty much every day.

Also: I searched for Trisha, and I think I get your poem. I might need more to go on than just a first name though.

David - heh, I was thinking about writing a poem revolving around the idea that if opinions are like a$$holes then why do some people have more than one...

Traci - couldn't agree with your poem more :)