Saturday August 17th, 2013

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about: guidance.

Only brought less than half a crate of peaches back home with us today. I'd call that a pretty good market.

Well, I mean we also returned with a lot of cherry tomatoes and some zucchini, pears, and garlic, but that was expected. Selling that amount of peaches was not.

So, yeah, good day.


In the dark of night
The spirits provide direction,
But in morning's light
Their wisdom meets with rejection.


Greg said...

There's something slightly zen-like about your poem today. I rather like it :)
And congratulations on the market! Selling all those peaches is quite an achievement; definitely something to be proud of :)

The Girl-Guide Pathfinders took a wrong turn,
Leading forty people past the old burn,
Into swamp and quagmire, splashing as they sank,
They'd all drowned by morning, mere inches from the bank.

Abhi M said...

She just stood there
"'Left? OR Right?"
"Inky pinky ponky......."
She chose left

She lay there thinking
She got hit by a car
If she had turned right......

Marc said...

Greg - well, isn't that an uplifting poem you've got there? :P

Still, it tells a compact little story and manages to squeeze in plenty of details to bring it to life. Nice work :)

Abhi - ah, I see now. This was meant for today's prompt, not yesterday's - that makes a lot more sense!