Friday August 9th, 2013

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose that have something to do with: smoke.

Not especially looking forward to the market tomorrow, as it's Peach Fest weekend. With the big parade going down Main Street in Penticton, we're getting shuffled off to the side in a much smaller space than usual - which means no room for vehicles.

So we get to arrive in the morning, dump everything off the truck into our spot, then park elsewhere. Then do it all in reverse at the end of the day... though hopefully by then we'll have a whole lot less stuff to move around.

Anyway, between the big crowds and having fewer vendors around to compete with for said crowds business, it should be a good market.


My vision was obscured by the long-lingering smoke as I stumbled through the wreckage. I could have been about to walk off the edge of a cliff for all I knew. But I had to do something, go somewhere.

Remaining in the downed plane would have meant certain death.


Greg said...

Hmm, the inconvenience does sound irritating, but as you say, there'll be bigger crowds and the best way to get new regular customers is to get their custom in the first place! I hope it's fun despite the inconvience. After all, it's named after a Mario Bros. character... ;-)
Hmm, start of a jungle adventure there? I want to know what brought the plane down!

The gremlin moved steathily. It had brought the plane down easily by chewing through the wiring until there hadn't been enough left to keep the engines running, and it had survived far worse crashes than this. Now something was still moving in the smoke from the crash, and the gremlin was hunting....

Abhi M said...

It's Monday morning and I am waiting for a bus to show up and finally it did. The driver stopped in the middle saying the engine is all used up and it can't go any further. I got off in that dense smoke and decided to walk. I am running late.

MosesMalone said...

“He’s smoking it out there, you see that, that’s my kid, man… I taught him everything he knows, he’d be nothing without me!” obnoxiously boosted a skaters father.

“Yeah, he’s pretty rad.” Quietly said another parent who instantly felt sorry for his own son’s competition.

“Right, he sure is, and he’s gonna make me rich, I’m really going places now that I thought him everything he knows, he’s lucky he has me.” Continued the unappreciated self-motivated shitty father.

“I just need to win this one last tournament so I can afford to process my emancipation paperwork.” Thought the 15-year-old skater kid as he focused on his next trick.

Marc said...

Greg - hah. If the parade involved Princess Peach it might have been a little more entertaining to watch as it went by :P

And yeah, lots more that could be told stemming from my little piece. Perhaps I'll get around to telling some of it one day.

Although perhaps you've covered the pre-crash scenario already! Love that final line.

Abhi - ah yes, sometimes walking is a better option than taking the bus. I recall that from my time in the city :)

Mo - ugh, parents like that. Though I was glad to see in your ending that the kid, sadly enough, has an escape plan.