Saturday August 10th, 2013

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about something that has been: squeezed.

We had a really good market today, despite the extra work involved. The setup and take down weren't actually the worst part though - it was having to go down two or three stalls to find enough space every time I needed to get out from behind our table in order to replenish fruit crates at the front of our stall.

Normally that's just a matter of stepping around our own table, which takes about ten seconds. But we were all so tight together today that it was much more of a process, especially when the crowds were thick.

Anyway. We moved a lot of fruit and didn't bring much produce back home, so I'm not in much of a position to complain.


We're smushed in tight,
There's barely room to breathe;
To be honest?
I just really want to leave.


Greg said...

That does sound like a tight fit! Still, I bet you weren't actually wishing people would stop buying things so you didn't have to keep putting more product out :) And you say that you sold almost everything – that's got to a result!
Although your poem suggests that you may have been wishing they'd buy more and faster :-D

The waitress hands me a bottle
And says "Just give it a squeeze"
But the bottle is Orange Bitters
And my sandwich order is cheese...

Abhi M said...

Crying, she said "my doll"
While playing she threw it under her bed
Trying to squeeze in under that tiny bed
I loved to see that sweet little smile when I got it

MosesMalone said...

Met a boy… he’s my main squeeze
We had some kids, I squeezed out 3
No more hugs, I only squeeze
Wants a 4th and is putting on the squeeze, Oh please!

Marc said...

Greg - no, certainly not. I was just wishing I could throw peaches and nectarines accurately and gently enough that I didn't have to go around :P

Ew, those two do not go together at all. I reckon you need a new waitress!

Abhi - I like that the awkward effort had a satisfying reward :)

Mo - haha, love it. Great fun to read aloud too :)