Tuesday August 27th, 2013

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: storms.

Today our box customers found leeks and eggplant in their boxes for the first time this season. There were definitely some pleased reactions to the leeks, which I always have trouble understanding. Just never been a particularly big fan of those guys.

Kat is still working her way back to full strength but at least there are signs of progress. Max, thank goodness, is still his happy, bouncy self and showing no signs of catching whatever his mama had.


Quick as a cheetah
and twice as terrifying;
the storm has arrived.

*     *     *

Raindrops on windows,
lightning flashing in the sky;
time for a good book.


Anonymous said...

Leeks are great! I have a recipe for cheesy-leek toasties that is always popular, and even simply frying them with diced bacon and serving them as a side with another vegetable and some roast chicken is wonderful. I can completely understand how your box customers feel. (Oh, and leek and potato soup is also fantastic, but better suited to autumn). I'm less keen on aubergine (eggplant if you must ;-)) but I think that's just because it's more fiddly to cook.
I like your second haiku better this week, but that's because I find being indoors, at a window, during a storm to be rather comforting.


Thunder rumbles but
no rain falls on arid earth.
The gods forsake you.


Electrical storms
fill the skies with static. St.
Elmo's fire ignites.

morganna said...

I'm with Greg -- I love leeks! They're sweeter than onions and not as strong. I have a lovely recipe for potato leek casserole with peas and sweet potatoes.

Only managed 1 haiku today.
A breeze, a roll of
Thunder, the patter of rain
Summer's heat, broken.

Marc said...

Greg - well, sure, combine pretty much anything with bacon and the results will be good :P

But yes, I do enjoy leek and potato soup in the fall. Which is suddenly not so far away...

Enjoyed both of your haiku this week, and find myself unable to pick a favorite.

Morganna - that dish does sound rather tasty, I'll give you that :)

Only one, but it's a good one. Nice work!

Holy balls, I think I'm caught up with the comments at last!

Aholiab said...

Marc, glad the family is recovering. I'm the only one in our household that likes eggplants, but just the thought of them sizzling in a frying pan makes my mouth water. I enjoyed the comparison between the storm and a cheetah!

Greg, we've had so many "false alerts" this summer with our rainstorms that sometimes it's easy to feel forsaken. Nice ending on the first one.

Morganna, I loved the progression of each line of yours... and especially the final line.


Olive green clouds boil
Fields, villages hold their breath
Tornado horns wail

Lightning pierces clouds
Thunder explodes, doors rattle
“Go let the dog in”

Marc said...

Aholiab - thank you, I'm glad too :)

And my wife makes a rather wonderful eggplant and salmon curry that is my absolute favorite way of having them.

Love the imagery in your first one, very powerful.