Wednesday August 21st, 2013

The exercise:

Write something that has to do with: mixed signals.

Managed to harvest a bunch of things for the bakery and restaurant this morning before making the deliveries this afternoon. After dinner I started weeding one of our later sections of corn, which was quite badly in need of it.

Hoping to finish that off tomorrow morning before getting going on the weeds taking over the onion rows.

And then, quite possibly, getting a new cell phone in the afternoon. My current one is over three years old and seems to be on its last legs. We'll see how things go at the store.


The air cannons started booming
All around the valley today;
The grape growers smugly shouting
For all the birds to stay away.

In fields and upon tree branches
Feathered heads perk up, turn around;
Flocks take wing as kings cry shrilly:
Quick, quick, my lads! Follow that sound!

Don't dare linger this is a race,
There can only be one winner!
Faster, fly like never before -
Heed the farmer's call to dinner!


Greg said...

You're right, you're almost caught up on all the comments! Well done!
The new job is in the same broad industry, gambling, but is now working for an actual bookmaker so it's the other side of the fence, so to speak. I'm quite looking forward to being new, as it means I don't have any prior expectations (except for the interview and CV have set) to meet; I think it could be quite fun, almost like moving to a new country!
Before I forget, take a look at Get Fuzzy and read the strips until today (I think there's about four) as you might like them :)

Have fun with the cell phones! The way they're going you just ask for one that can do the weeding for you :)
And that's a great poem, with some fantastic imagery. I was completely carried away by it, and I can still see flocks of birds wheeling through the air as they home in on the sound when I close my eyes!

Mixed Signals
"Mavis, I need some help!"
"Yes George, I'm just looking up Dr. Fraud's number now."
"Dr. Fraud. The psychotherapist?"
"Oh. Not that kind of help, Mavis, I'm stuck on the crossword."
"You do crosswords, George?"
"Well there's no need to sound so surprised! I was the schools wordsearch champion when i was younger! I even found words in the grid that the setter didn't."
"Dr. Fraud is sure to be free this week...."
"NO! Mavis, the clued is, Casually throw mixed signals, 7 letters."
"Slings, George."
"... but I've got a Z in the answer already."
"Then that's wrong George. Can I call Dr. Fraud now?"

Marc said...

Greg - glad to hear it, and best of luck to you in the new gig. I'm sure you'll do great!

Haha, those are great. Thanks for pointing me in their direction :D

Ah, Mavis and George. I do so enjoy their banter :)