Tuesday August 13th, 2013

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: rhythm.

Big harvest day, but we managed to get everything we needed out of the garden and into the boxes. I always find it especially satisfying when I see a check mark next to every single item on our picking list at the end of the morning.

Or early afternoon, as is often the case.

It always takes longer to collect everything than I figure it will.


He's always one step
behind, or so it seems; he
walks to his own beat.

*     *     *

Fingers attack with
ruthless abandon; the poor
guitar had no chance.


Anonymous said...

I hadn't really thought about you harvested things, but a picking list makes sense. I suppose I thought you just went out and picked everything that looked ripe... but now I think about it, I can see problems with that approach!
I like your first haiku better today because I like the concept of independence that befits it; but the second one makes me smile.

She types in time with
the 1812 overture;
She's reach'd the cannons!

My pacemaker broke.
I fixed it with my iPod,
but here comes dubstep....

[Actually it's not dubstep, it's belgian hardcore nosebleed techno, 300bpm :} ]

morganna said...

Ba dum ba dum -- beat,
Beat, beat: the drums are coming
Ba dum ba da dum.

Rattle, squeak, whirr, zoom,
Clickety clack -- the toddler
Marching band arrives.

David said...

Born a poor black child
Look at me ma, I got it
Now that's a real JERK

Immersed in the flow
Everything feels so easy
Riding life's motion

(Note to potentially sensitive readers...if you don't get the reference, trust me, it's not racist)

MosesMalone said...

A mother kissed him.
Rhythm method fails again.
Sixteenth O’Dell son

I can’t dance for shit.
Can’t keep a beat. Can’t sing. BUT…

Marc said...

Greg - we lean more towards the 'everything that looks ripe' side of things on Friday for the market, but we usually still have a list.

Oh dear, your second haiku. Sometimes DIY just is not the correct answer...

Morganna - love the image your second haiku puts in my head :D

David - quite like your second one, as that is a state I'd like to be in more often.

Mo - both of yours made me smile, but I think your second one was slightly closer to making me laugh out loud... so that's my favorite this week :)