Friday October 18th, 2013

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose about: running amok.

Heading to the market on my own tomorrow morning, as Max's cold is still lingering and we don't want any relapses. Not expecting it to be super busy, as tourist season is nearly over, but I'm getting a bit of help anyway - mostly so I can do some shopping of my own, and maybe even get a bathroom break.

After this, just one remains. Maybe.

Hey, it's on my birthday. If the forecast calls for rain on that one? I'm staying home.


"Pardon me?"

"I said that boy is running twomok."

"Yes, I heard the words you said, but I don't understand what they mean... okay, mostly just that last one."

"Well, when you're as wild as he is amok just won't do."


Greg said...

Good luck with the market! I hope everything sells well and fast so that you can come home early :)
And I completely agree about skipping the market if it's raining and it's your birthday!
Heh, I'm glad to able to say that I've not seen too many children running twomok recently! Nice turn of phrase!

Running amok
Amok laced up his shoes. First sports lesson at the new school, and already the teacher was picking on him. Never mind, the 400m was about to start, and that would end the teasing for good. They didn't call him Running Amok for nothing!

Marc said...

Greg - eh, even if we sell out early we have to stay until the end, what with being parked right at the stall and all those people filling the streets. Can't say we've ever had that problem though :P

Hah, the names some parents give their children. Really sets the course of their lives sometimes...