Saturday October 26th, 2013

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about: me.

Hey, it's my birthday. Also: I almost managed to get to 2,000 days worth of prompts without asking you to write anything about me.

Also, also: I didn't say it had to be a nice four line poem.

The final market of the year has come and gone, with things ending up on a fairly successful note. I sold all of the leeks and apples I brought this morning, along with most of the carving pumpkins and a good chunk of the potatoes, onions, and ornamental gourds.

Now it's time to wrap things up in the garden and get fully settled in to this off-season.


Too old to be young,
Too young to be old;
So I'll do what I want,
But never what I'm told.


David said...

Happy birthday


Greg said...

Well, you waited till 1966, so I guess that must be the year you were born :)
[Jeez, quit throwing things already! I'm attached to my head!]
Well done on the last market of the year, it sounds like it all went well! And it sounds like you've got plenty of starchy meals ahead of you, roast veggies and soups! That'll keep you warm in winter.
Heh, I'd agree with your assessment of yourself in that poem. I'm pleased to able to say that you're still the same friendly, likeable person that I met on Protagonize all those years ago who honoured me by letting me contribute a little to his story about Red 5. I may even some day get the spray paint out of my keyboard....

I met you in a café in Vancouver
[I was there on government work]
And the conversation proved to me
That not everyone on the internet is a jerk.

Anonymous said...

you were there at a time I was low
when I needed a push or a tow
you inspired me to explore my gift
writing sure gives me a lift

happy birthday marc, u r one of the best!

MosesMalone said...

That Canadian Farmer Writer Dude -
My audience for my bodacious mom slang.
His writing is smart the comments not rude
So I keep coming back to write and to hang.

When I talk about this cool little place with the interesting writing, I usually refer to it as "That Canadian Farmer Writer Dude writing group". I like this place you have created, and I hope you had a lovely birthday!!

Marc said...

David - thanks! I am, for the record, assuming your last line was meant to be friend. Not that I'd be offended if it's written the way you intended it to be :P

Greg - huh, if that had actually fallen on post 1978 I'd have been terribly impressed with my forethought!

And thank you for your kind words, they are appreciated.

Writebite - thanks very much, that poem means a lot to me :)

Mo - and thank you as well, that's very sweet! I'm so pleased to have created a place that is viewed in that light :)

David said...

Marc -- not a typo ;)