Wednesday October 30th, 2013

The exercise:

Write about: the high road.

Oh hey, look - I finally got a fall picture to share with you:

That was taken in the apricot trees, as they tend to be. Their leaves turn first and generally are the most spectacular to boot.

Tomorrow is Max's first Halloween and we've been invited to a potluck dinner with a bunch of other families. Expect cute costume pictures to take over the blog for the next little while.


Twisting and turning
High above the town;
It's safe to drive, just
Don't ever look down.

This town is quiet,
Just as it should be;
Visitors may come
But then they must leave.

Headlights in the night
Soaring like airplanes,
Vanish on a curve -
Our secret remains.


Greg said...

That is a lovely picture; I really like the autumnal colours (as you probably expected!). I think the majority of trees round where I am are sycamores, though we do have a few stray apple trees for some reason.
I may direct you to my blog when I have some puppy pictures to share - and if I do decide to write you a horror story for NaNoWriMo..
I could have sworn you used this prompt last month... it must have been something similar. It's a great poem that it's inspired though, the imagery is fantastic. The last stanza in particular is completely inspiring.

The high road
Dr. Septopus frowned. Then he frowned harder, his face scrunching up around his beak like an old dish-rag stiffened from sitting on the counter for days. He tried to frown harder still, but it hurt too much.
"What is the matter?" asked Sylvestra, looking at him. "Are you still upset that you didn't win the gurning competition last month?"
"No," said Dr. Septopus too quickly. "No, I'm wondering what the Green Lightbulb is doing on the high road."
"Jumping off, I should hope," said Sylvestra.
The high road was a monorail that Dr. Septopus was building above and around the Headquarters of the Council of Nastiness. It had very little use, but he had grown bored with Doomsday machines and wanted to do something that required engineering but was different. And in the back of his mind was the idea that he could convert it into a launch-track later on and use it to threaten nearby cities.
"Yes, but how did he get up there?" asked Dr. Septopus. "I know I lock the gates after I finish."
"Really?" Sylvestra's tone was suspiciously innocent. "Maybe he's learned how to fly."

Marc said...

Greg - yeah, I used highway as a prompt not that long ago. Probably should have saved this one for a little longer.

Glad you liked my take though :)

These headquarters continue to impress me with all of its interesting architecture and gadgets :D