Tuesday October 15th, 2013

The exercise:

Write two haiku about something: tantalizing.

I'd really, really love to say that our box program is finished for the year. But, since two customers forgot to come get their produce this afternoon, I can't.

Hopefully we'll get that all sorted out tomorrow. And then the celebrating can begin in earnest.

Went to my first bowling league night this evening. Games one and two were reasonable but I wasn't terribly impressed with my last one. At least it should be fairly easy to increase my average next week.


The end is in sight,
just a little further... who
moved the finish line?

*     *     *

From across the room
her dress pulls me in. Too bad
she'll be married soon.


Greg said...

It sounds like you'd gotten tired by the third one then, which isn't that surprising if you've not done this for fifteen years :) Hopefully you won't be too sore when you wake up tomorrow either!
Sort-of-congratulations on the sort-of-end of your box program for another year! Do you have any plans to make next year's bigger and better? Perhaps you could continue it until December ;-)
I like your first haiku better this week. I'm very familiar with moving finish lines....

A lake of wine. An
abundance of grapes. Poor
me, they're out of reach.

The senses beckon,
rational thought says to wait.
Too good to be true.

morganna said...

Just past fingertips
Luscious, forbidden fruit hangs.
No harm asking Snake?

Marc said...

Greg - eh, I don't think I was tired. I had, however, strained a muscle in my left side during my first game and that was bothering me. Either way, I should know to expect up and down games like this.

I like both of your haiku individually, and even more as a pair.

Morganna - heh, no harm indeed :)