Tuesday October 29th, 2013

The exercise:

Write two haiku around the theme of: mind versus body.

After opening with another crappy game (this one was deserved though, as I just couldn't seem to find the middle) I actually had two pretty strong games in a row to finish the night. I even broke 200 for the first time this year, which felt pretty good.

Overall my average went up seven points, so I'm at least getting back in the neighbourhood of my former scores.


Please, just stop thinking.
I promise you, the body
knows what it's doing.

*     *     *

A willing body
can make the mind weak; beware
the seductresses.


morganna said...

2 linked haiku (too much to say in one):

I want to go up!
Just like everyone eles
But I can't come down

My mind won't let me
Says I will fall if I try.
I must push through fear.

Greg said...

@Morganna: A fear of heights there? Great expression in the way you've put the two together, and they both stand alone well also. I think I prefer the second one as the last line rings very true.

@Marc: It sounds like it's all coming back then, and over 200 sounds like the right kinds of scores to be getting! I look forward to hearing that you're scoring over 250 soon :)
I think I prefer your first haiku today, although the use of the word "seductresses" makes it a close call!

Mind vs body
My mind says do it,
But my body's holding its
breath. Damn – overruled.


This paralysis
Traps the mind in the body
But frees all my thoughts.

Marc said...

Morganna - agree with Greg's assessment, and find myself having nothing useful to add. So... I shall say very nicely done :)

Greg - all right, 250 is now my next goal then!

Really like both of yours this week. The first for making me laugh with its final line, the second for its intriguing message.