Monday October 28th, 2013

The exercise:

Write about something: innocuous.

My first training session at the gym went well this afternoon. I have another one on Friday, then I'm going solo for the first of my Saturday shifts.

I'd be a lot more concerned by that if I didn't have at least three people I can call if I have any questions or problems.

At the moment it's looking like I'll be in the gym on Saturdays from 9 to 5, along with a few Sunday shifts (maybe one or two a month). They're still figuring out when they'll want me in the bowling alley; hopefully that will be sorted out this week.

Until then, I've got a couple local orders to put together and quite a few rows of garlic needing to be mulched tomorrow.


In and of itself, the bite was harmless. The tiniest of pricks on a wrist, it didn't even draw blood. The insect that inflicted the damage was long gone before its victim realized what had happened. It could have ended there.

Perhaps it should have.

But the camel's back was breaking. It had been growing weaker for days beneath the weight of too many stresses, too little relief.

And so the bite led to a flash of anger. This was followed by a rash decision, then an immovable insistence that his orders be followed. To the letter. No loopholes, no excuses. Simply do as he decreed.

Which led to... well, this. And this radioactive wasteland is a long, long way from harmless.


David said...

"It's just a dream"
But, mama, i scared
"You'll wake your father"
Mama,no dream, real
Mama, monster
"You don't want to wake Daddy"

David said...

@marc btw loved how your piece showed how the littlest irritations can lead to things getting out of control. I know I have been like the past of course, not anymore. lol

morganna said...

I tried to write something not ominous, I really did. But the words just wouldn't come. So we got this instead:

Simple and harmless, the mist flowed over the landscape. And it was harmless, until more and more of it rose from the lake, rising ever higher. As it replaced the air, people and animals began to keel over, thus breathing even more of the mist. Thousands died that night.
Based on a true tragedy in Africa some decades ago.

Greg said...

@David: elegant and sparse! I particularly like the sense of threat that's conveyed by the mother's continuing insistence that they not wake the father.

@Morganna: That is rather ominous! I think it's the matter-of-fact tone that you used that makes it so creepy in its effect. I admit to rather liking it, despite all that. And I have a feeling I might have heard of this tragedy, but the details escape me for now.

@Marc: heh, from tiny acorns great oaks will grow? Or in your case, radioactive oaks.... Another matter-of-fact tale – you and Morganna are rivalling each other today! – that improves the tale-telling no end. It looks like a day away from the garden has inspired you :)
And the gym sounds quite a nice job from the way you're telling it. I look forward to hearing about you having to lift 180kg of barbell off some idiot who's trying to show off....

"It can't be vegetarian, look at the size of those teeth!"
"They're not sharp though, look proper–"
"I'm not getting close it! You can go look yourself if you care that much."
"Look, it's harmless, really.'
"Yeah right. You keep telling yourself that while I go and get Daddy's elephant gun."
"Fine... *whispers*that thing was decommissioned last year and is as innocuous as our dinosaur out there."

Aholiab said...

a scene from the universe of "Invisible"


“Mr. Convalaver, we are so pleased that you have agreed to be interviewed on our show today,” the talk show hostess gushed as they prepared to enter the studio. “We’re just going to play it low-key, ask a few innocuous questions to let the audience get to know you. It’s been so exciting to have you visiting our country and everyone is dying to see you live on television.”

She blushed slightly when she realized what she’d said about the audience “seeing” the first Invisible ambassador to the United States. She hoped that he was as gracious as everyone had told her and would overlook her gaffe.

As they seated themselves on the stage, Cherie greeted the audience and chatted for a few minutes. Then she introduced the Ambassador and began the interview.

“Since this is the first time that most Americans have been exposed to any Invisibles, they have little idea about your country, your culture, and even your physiology. For instance, when we look around the audience and those of us on the stage, we see a variety of colors and ethnic groups. Do you have similar variety in your country?”

As she paused for the answer, the camera panned the smiling audience. The clear, quiet answer echoed through the hall. “Of course not. Not any more.”

Marc said...

David - that's a bit of an unsettling little scene there. Poor kiddo.

Yeah, I still have a little bit of that in me. Work in progress.

Morganna - ah yes, I remember reading about that... in Nat Geo I think. Utterly horrifying.

Greg - yeah, I suppose rescuing an idiot from himself is just a matter of time...

Haha, yeah... I think I'd have trouble believing any sort of dinosaur was harmless, should I be face to face with one.

Aholiab - holy jeez. The whole scene builds to those final six words.

And they were totally worth it.