Thursday October 10th, 2013

The exercise:

Write about: the grandmother.

Kat's parents returned home this afternoon from their visit up north with Kat's brother and his family. Sounds like it was a good, if tiring, trip.

I was working on getting next year's garlic planted out this morning but didn't manage to finish it, as I'd been hoping to. Looks like that will have to wait until early next week, as I'll be busy with market stuff and visiting relatives between now and then.

Max and I both seem to be basically over our colds, which is good news. I'm still feeling pretty low energy though.


Warm cookies on every plate,
Arms open wide when we come through the door.
Dinner is in the oven
Who could ever ask for anything more?

A kiss for each of our cheeks,
Time for one last hug before we must go.
She knows we'll be back next month,
We couldn't be stopped by rain, wind, or snow.


Greg said...

Well, I hope you got a goodly amount of the garlic planted out at least, before life intervened in your gardening!
That's a very lovely sentiment in the poem, especially the last line. "Rain, wind or snow" feels a little clichéd, but I think it works very well here.

The grandmother
"She's called the Grandmother," said Alexis. He was sat at an outside table at a Parisian café in the spring rain. The little parasol over the table was simply funneling water into his coffee and diluting it faster than he could drink it. He gave up.
"Right, why?" asked Alexa. The similarity in their names was no coincidence. Alexa was wearing haute couture underneath a heavy yellow macintosh and sou'wester and was clearly enjoying the weather.
"Because she's been working for M for over sixty years," said Alexis. "No-one seems to know how old she is, just that she's very old, and deadly."
"Aren't they all?" Alexa sounded bored.
"What, grandmothers?"
"Yes. I had to kill both of mine before they killed me."
Alexis realised that his mouth was hanging open, and drank his watery coffee to try and conceal his shock.

Aholiab said...

The Grandmother

Janice shifted slightly in her wheelchair to relieve some of the pressure on her hip. It was nice to be sitting here in the park watching the children play. They had so much energy! They were digging; they were climbing; they were shouting and laughing; but most of all they were running.

“Grandma! Grandma! Look at what I can do!”, Syndie shouted as she ran up to her. She stopped, spun around on her toe and let her dress fan out around her. Then she dashed off to join her friends.

Laughing openly at her granddaughter’s antics, Janice wiped her eye. Tomorrow she would pay for this hour of babysitting in the park, but every ache would be worth it.

Marc said...

Greg - I ended up getting help from my sister on Sunday and we finished the garlic off then. I still need cover them with mulch before it gets too cold here, but at least they're in the ground.

Oh, these two make an interesting pair. Have we met them before?

Aholiab - that's a warm little scene, very deftly handled.