Tuesday October 1st, 2013

The exercise:

Welcome to October, aka Marc's birthday month. Write two haiku about: turning.

Another box program day in the books, leaving two remaining this season. I'd be a little more excited about that if there weren't weather reports threatening frost the next two nights, but we'll see how that goes.

Max had a surprisingly good sleep last night, considering how clogged his nostrils were before bed. I'm not expecting that to continue, but it was certainly a relief the night before a big harvest day.


The nights grow colder,
causing the trees to believe
it's time to change leaves.

*     *     *

Past the bend, black smoke
reaches for the sky; a wheel
not turned hard enough.


Greg said...

You're celebrating your birthday for the whole month of October? Won't that make you 65 by Hallowe'en? I can see Kat disapproving of this plan...!
Your weather sounds more seasonal than ours still; the temperatures are barely autumnal at the moment, and not that far off what we can get for summer. I'm hoping for single digits by the end of the month :)
I like your first haiku better today, because I like the nature reference. The second is bleak but excellent :)

She's in the shower
and the doorknob is turning...
I don't want to watch.

She turns towards him
But the curtain hides the knife –
We scream together.

[Well yes, I may have drawn a little inspiration from an old film today :)]

David said...

No Blood Sweat and Tears
A million times I said no
That song is such crap

Now you want Seger
Christ man, get some taste in music
At least say Night Moves

(like Greg, I went with some pop culture inspiration....)

morganna said...

And mine are more traditional ...
Summer turns to fall
Geese fly away, fall turns to
Winter, white snow falls.

Faster and faster
She spins, a little girl top,
All fall down, giggling.

Marc said...

Greg - since Max was kind enough to wait until November to be born, October remains my month around here :P

Nicely done, I would not have thought to go that route with this prompt. I like that most everybody reading those would know exactly which movie you've been inspired by.

David - hah, really enjoyed the voice in yours. The attitude comes across so very clearly :D

Morganna - really, really like your first one. That's some excellent work :)