Friday October 4th, 2013

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose about: the request.

We had some patchy frost in the garden overnight, which was enough to likely signal the end of our tomatoes for this year. We'll see how they look in a couple days, but we didn't want to risk harvesting them today only to have them turn to mush before we even get to Penticton tomorrow morning.

In better news, the forecast is actually calling for a pretty pleasant market day. Also: Max seems to be getting over his cold pretty quickly, so hopefully it wasn't a very serious one.

Because I seem to have it now.


Listen to me very, very carefully my dear. I wish to be perfectly clear on this one, simple point: I am doing you a favour by requesting your silence while the police search the house. I could just kill you instead - that would certainly make my life significantly easier.

So I strongly suggest that you remain absolutely, utterly, completely... SILENT!


Greg said...

Good luck with the tomatoes! I guess they're very much summer fruit and not good with frosts and the like? I suppose it's a shame they're not like grapes, and shrivel and sweeten after a frost :)
Heh, if it's not your co-workers it's your kids. I think colds may just outlast the human race!
Wow, today's piece is strong! I wonder where they're hiding while the police search? That's a great little scene in just four lines.

The request
"Mavis, I've got a request!"
"Put it in your will, George."
"...that's not very nice, I just wanted to ask you if you thought my tie suited me."
"Oh – I thought you said bequest George!"

Marc said...

Greg - yeah, tomatoes are often the first to go when the nights get cold.

And yes, I imagine colds will outlast us all...

Hah, these two. Such fun banter :)