Tuesday October 22nd, 2013

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: the headhunter.

Had a rather frustrating time at bowling this evening. I opened my first game with a spare (I think), then followed that up with four headpins in a row (I'm very, very sure about that).

By the last one I was about ready to scream.

My second game was better but my last one regressed, so overall my average actually went down a point from last week. Not terribly pleased about that.

Still working on that whole not taking things too seriously for my own good thing that I do.


I've got headpins down,
that's key; but I'd like other
pins to fall down too.

*     *     *

He swings and misses
quite a bit, but if he lands
one it's night night time.


Greg said...

Not sure I see what the problem is... you've got consistency down pat! *ducks* However, it also sounds like you're going through the usual relearning a skill business, and the frustration that comes from knowing that you're better than that, and that's going to last a few games of course. I'd just compare yourself with your hockey team... I should shut up now, shouldn't I? ;-)
I like your second haiku better this week, as its poetic even with it's aggressive sentiment!

The headhunter
The phone rings again,
"No, that's the job I just left!"
Headhunter's gather....

He stalks your office
Wearing only bones and grass
...pays to advertise....

Aholiab said...

In the land of the "Invisible", there are headhunters from the Opaques and the Transparents. Apparently both are using haiku in their classified ads:

The Headhunter

If we can’t see you,
Today or the day after,
Our clients want you.

Private and discrete
Invisible surveillance.
We pay highest rates.

Marc said...

Greg - ugh, yes. The whole 'knowing that you're better than that' thing is maddening.

Hah, I like both of yours equally this week :)

Aholiab - all right, if you happen to be posting your story as you progress I want to read along. Or even if you just put it online at the end of the month I would eat that up as well.

Consider me hooked.