Friday March 21st, 2014

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose about: ice.

We're up in Dawson Creek, having a blast with Max and his cousin Natalie. Having said that, less than two days of being with the two of them is more than enough time for me to realize that I have no interest in having more than one child of my own.

Holy crapola. Maybe when Max is old enough to take care of his younger sibling I'll change my mind.

In other news, there is a lot of snow here. Not as cold as I was worried it would be, but I am still going to enjoy our southern return.


It's out there. I don't need to see it to know that it's waiting for me. Lurking beneath thin layers of snow, lingering under shady trees, disguising itself so that incautious eyes believe they are approaching clear pavement.

Intent on bringing me low, the ice has set many a trap for me but I shall elude them allllllllllll... oof.


Greg said...

it's probably better to have the two children closer together, before you completely go off the idea of having to do it all again :) And while you've still got all the baby stuff and don't have to buy more. Or, you could just "borrow" Natalie for the next 18 years or so ;-)

Heh, clever finish to your four lines, and I'm sure it's not at all inspired by Dawson Creek :)

"The vet said to ice it for ninet–"
"For the last time, Andrew Andrews is not a vet! And this is not ice!"
"He said you probably wouldn't notice...."

Marc said...

Greg - yeah, that whole 'closer together' thing wouldn't work for me either, as the pregnancy and labour and sleepless nights with an infant were all to fresh.

But I guess we'll see what ends up happening.

Haha, oh no it continues! And things do not seem to be improving for our poor patient. Not in the least...