Friday March 28th, 2014

The exercise:

You, or a character of your creation, are the recipient of an award (of your choosing). It is time to give the big acceptance speech. Except this one will not be big.

It will only last four lines.



Well, I think we can all agree that it's about bloody time.

I mean, honestly, with all the work I've done, all the sacrifices I've made, it's obvious I should have received this award years ago. What sort of inbred, backwater hillbilly would you have to be in order to not see such a simple truth?

Speaking of which... if the head of the selection committee could make his way up to the stage now, I'd love to take this Lifetime Humanitarian Achievement Award and shove it somewhere special.


Greg said...

Heh, well I was hoping it might be Henri making the acceptance speech, and I wasn't disappointed! I felt he was rather generous under the circumstances.... ;-)

The acceptance speech
"The Dr. Benjamin Spock award for Excellence in children's education. Hmm, I feel there may be a touch of irony in giving me this award, Headmaster and esteemed gentlefolk of the committee. Don't think I haven't noticed the policemen and women arrayed at the back of the hall waiting for, I think, a careless admission. Might I also add that on my way in it appeared that very many expensive cars appeared to have been parked in the way of a road resurfacing operation...."

Marc said...

Greg - oh man, can you imagine how Henri might have managed to get an award like that?

Ah, and you've made an excellent choice as well, both in your award and your recipient :D