Tuesday March 18th, 2014

The exercise:

Write two haiku which are either about or take place at: the mall.

Today kind of flew by, as most days seem to be doing lately. Have I mentioned that we're going away on Thursday? Pretty sure I haven't.

So. We're making the trip up to Dawson Creek to see Kat's brother, sister-in-law, and our niece Natalie. Since Max hasn't seen his only cousin since last summer we really wanted to make the effort.

We're flying out of Penticton that morning and switching planes in Vancouver before heading up north. We'll be back next Wednesday evening.

I doubt it will surprise you to learn that so far I haven't scheduled any posts for that time period. I'm hoping to get one done for Thursday, at least, and then I'll just have to find time to get some writing done while we're away.

So if the blog goes quiet for a few days, you'll know what's up.


These stores are selling
variations on a theme;
only the names change.

*     *     *

He sits on the bench
facing the fountain and waits
to steal wishing coins


Greg said...

Wasn't Dawson Creek a TV show back in the 90s? I have visions now of you and Kat sneaking in and out of bedroom windows around a large house, avoiding your in-laws and giggling a lot :)
I'm in Porto, Portugal for work at the moment, and between flying out on Wednesday and the enormous amount of work that I'm here for, I'm a little behind on adding comments. So... I'm following your example :-P
Heh, I like your first haiku better today, as it matches my feelings too!

The mall
Bright, shiny gewgaws,
Unbelievably tacky...
Yet you buy them still.

Nick met a tiger
Outside the shops. One quick pounce...
We say Nick got "mall'd"

[Hopefully everyone pronounces maul and mall much the same!]

Marc said...

Greg - Dawson's Creek, actually. But yeah, I think they get that a lot up here :P

Ah, I had wondered where you'd gone off to. I hope you're able to find time to enjoy your trip!

Love your second one. We certainly pronounce them the same here, so I think you're safe on that account.

I should probably also add that your first nicely captures my feelings on the subject as well :)