Friday March 7th, 2014

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose about something that is: solar powered.

Max turned 16 months today. That's a year and a third. What.

To celebrate, spring decided to arrive in full force. Sunshine, blue skies, highs of 14 degrees (pretty sure it was warmer than that on the farm), the whole deal.

This afternoon I drove up to Oliver to pick up some potting soil so that we can finally get started in the greenhouse on Sunday. We're already behind, but not excessively so. Onions, leeks, and shallots will be seeded this weekend for sure, and we might get into our 'second' round of plants if there is time, with cabbage and broccoli and the like.

It's time to get a move on and shift at least some of our focus back to the farm.


Surely there had been a typo in the design document. One that had been overlooked by everyone on the approval committee, everyone at the permit offices. By everyone but the construction manager, who didn't have the good sense to question it.

I mean, honestly... a solar powered windmill?


Greg said...

Haha, your story today made me laugh! Nicely subtle, but funny as hell :)
I suppose I should have been wondering why you hadn't mentioned getting started on the seeding last month actually, but with the stories about winter I hadn't really connected the months with when you'd expect to be harvesting. Well, I hope you get everything seeded up with minimum fuss and effort!

Solar powered
The engines of the starcraft Invidious fired up as the light of the sun bathed its solar panels. They were old, but still functional, and in space all they needed to do was exert their push constantly and speed would look after itself. In cryo-chambers, the crew slept on, blissfully unaware. Unaware, that is, that the ship was unfortunately pointed directly at the sun now powering its engines to life...

Marc said...

Greg - thanks, so pleased you enjoyed it :D

Eh, it was more a lack of time, energy, and focus than the weather. We just kept putting it off but things should be back on track shortly.

Hah, oh dear. That crew seems rather doomed, unless someone happens to be woken by the heat of the incoming sun. With enough time left to do something about it, that is :)