Sunday March 2nd, 2014

The exercise:

Write about: the ladies man.

Our friends who run the local bakery came over with their son this evening for dinner. Their little man is only about three months older than Max, so it was pretty fun seeing them together. Plus the adults managed to enjoy a few moments of good conversation.

Before that, however...


I took Max to our favorite coffee shop late this morning so that Kat could have some space to make dessert for our dinner guests. There are three or four women who work there who, I can say with some confidence, think Max is the greatest. This is why, whenever I'm trying to get Max into his jacket and out the door to go there, I always tell him we have to go say hello to his coffee shop ladies.

Today, however, he was greeted at the door by a new little lady. One who will be turning the ripe old age of two years old next month.

Max was curious about her at first, but wasn't quite sure what to make of her. Then she climbed down from her chair and gave him a very gentle hug before returning to her table. While Max still wasn't certain about her, he did seem reasonably pleased.

Ten minutes and three hugs later he'd made up his mind.

At one point he was doing his usual run from our table to the washrooms and back. I didn't actually see what was happening behind me, but from the sounds of her mother the little girl was hot on our heels. Not long after that they were checking out the display cases together.

By the time it was time to go she was running around her table and Max was chasing after her. It should not surprise you to learn that he was not very interested in leaving, despite lunchtime's rapid approach.

All I can say, I think, is that the boy is starting young.


Greg said...

Wow, I'm not sure I'm brave enough to make dessert for people who run a bakery -- I'd have chickened out and bought dessert from their bakery! Kudos to Kat for that :)
And as for Max... yes, it definitely sounds like he's starting early, but equally it also sounds like he was seduced into it! Still, it sounds like you had a fun morning with him and that's the most important thing. And I guess now he's got even more incentive to go the coffee shop...!

The ladies' man
Senorita Alberta tightened the snakeskin belt and selected a scarf from the hanger in the wardrobe. It was a deep red, almost burgundy, and sewed at the ends into a mobius strip. It was, she was aware, rather forward for a young lady to wear, but she felt like being forward. After all, Senor Tomasso would be surrounded by young ladies at the bar, and if she wasn't going to be a little bit forward, how would he notice her?
Senorita Dimitria added a beauty spot with the care of a eye surgeon removing a cataract and inclined her head to look at herself in the mirror. She nodded, bird-like, in approval, and then considered the rest of her make-up, laid out in vials, pots and jars on the dressing table like an artist's selection of colour. She wondered if she was putting too much effort into looking her best, and then considered that Senor Tomasso would hardly glance at a girl who wasn't stunningly beautiful, and though she was certainly beautiful, was it really knock-out? Senor Tomasso would be knee-deep in girls after his attention, and it really was time that she showed them all who was at the top.
Senora Ermelda applied powder to her face like a plasterer trowelling it on to a new wall, smoothing it over with a small plastic tool that looked a lot like a trowel. She was determined to get Senor Tomasso to notice her, and though some women might think that wrinkles added distinction, she was sure that he preferred the unlined face of innocence. She picked out a perfume from the box that was strong enough to repulse wolves, thinking that it was no bad thing to have the girls around her puckering their faces in revulsion, wrinkling their skin and looking generally nasty. She might be a little older, but she was definitely wiser.
Senor Tomasso sighed as he put his suit on and spritzed just a hint of eau de toilette at his neck. He was paid good money by the bar-owner to sit at the bar and flirt every evening, but he wished, just once, that there were some young men at the bar as well. While some might be happy with attractive women as far as the eye could see, breasts heaving in tight tops, elegant legs disappearing into sheer, short skirts that hinted at... something, he supposed, he found it all a little pathetic. He rubbed chapstick on his lips, knowing that he'd be kissing so much that evening that without it his lips would crack and bleed, and moisturiser on his hands for the inevitable caresses and gentle touches.
The money was excellent, but he'd never really been a ladies' man.

morganna said...

I'm back! We were all terribly sick most of February. I made myself come here today in hopes of another excursion to Vancouver Irrealis, but I guess that will be another day.
Love at Age 8
He growls,
The girls giggle
Until his little sister chases them away.

Marc said...

Greg - yes, but I'm worried that if she's not there next time then he'll be disappointed :P

Hah, love the progression of yours. A suitably fitting ending as well!

Morganna - glad to hear you're feeling better now! Sorry about the lack of Vancouver, I'm hoping to get back to it tonight though.

Hah, yes, that sounds about right from what I've experienced so far :)