Saturday March 8th, 2014

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about: deterioration.

There's so much going on recently that if I talked about all of it every day I'd never get to the writing prompt. So stuff gets left unsaid, usually without me noticing it. Until I go to mention it one day and realize I've not actually said anything about it before.

One of those things? The Vancouver Canucks recent free fall from being an elite hockey team to one that is looking unlikely to make this year's playoffs. It could still happen, in fact they managed to win a game tonight, but they are not looking good right now.

Anyway, that's what inspired the prompt today.

Work went basically fine. I'm pleased to say that was likely my last Saturday shift at the gym and alley, as I'll be adding another weeknight in its place starting next week. Which means I'll get to spend the entire weekend with my family, rather than getting one day each week like I have been since... oh, the start of market season last May.


A once brilliant dynasty
Has begun to slowly fade.
Today is too much for me,
So I dream of yesterday.


Greg said...

I really like your poem today, it's a beautiful description of deterioration and has a wonderful poignancy to it. Were I more emotional it might even bring the hot feeling of a tear to my eye.
Well, I guess this full weekend will only last until May then, but I hope you can enjoy it fully while it lasts! I guess taking everyone to the market with you doesn't really count as spending the day with them when you're all working :)

Beams sag and mud crusts,
Stone crumbles and iron rusts,
Ice shatters marble busts,
It all returns to dusts....

Marc said...

Greg - thank you!

Yeah, it's certainly a short term thing, but I do plan on enjoying it while I can.

Beautifully sad poem. Really love the imagery you've chosen. Kinda makes me want to write about the place you've described...