Monday March 10th, 2014

The exercise:

Write about: the operation.

Long day. Me sleep now.

No? Write first, then sleep?



The patient is asleep
(Isn't he?),
All eyes in the room
Are on me.
It's time, let us begin,
No delay -
He will awake like new
(Let us pray).

I approach the table,
Knife in hand,
(Wait, how did that get there?)
As we planned.
First cut here, second there
(Breathe, you fool!).
Blood begins to fountain,
Play it cool.

The nurse starts panicking
(She's crying?!),
I soothe her with a touch.
(He's dying,
Surely this poor man's dead)
"Relax, friends!
I have done this before!"
(Dream, please end).


Greg said...

Heh, sleep is for the weak :)
That's a great little poem though, and I like how the disaster builds and we're never certain at the end that it's _actually_ a dream.
Of course, I'm still curious now: was this based on an actual dream you had?

The operation
"Miss Edith Peroration will be your surgeon today," said the medibot, hovering by the bed. Pale yellow light flickered across its synthiskin surface, and a couple of anime-like eyes bulged from the top of its otherwise spherical shape. Next to it, a woman wearing thick-lensed glasses and a smile that made her seem concussed dipped a curtsey.
"You what?" Andre sounded angry because he was angry; he'd been in this facility now for three days and still no-one would tell him what was wrong with him.
"Miss Edith Peroration will be--"
"I hear that, you wretched device! I want to know why I've got a surgeon and not a medibot." His voice was getting higher and higher pitched. "Why aren't I being treated like a real person here?"
Edith widened her smile, revealing that she had no teeth. Andre stopped speaking, suddenly wondering how old she was.
"I'll be doing it because it's exploratory," she said. "The medibots deal with known problems, but you're an unknown problem. So we'll open you up, poke around, and see if we can find out what the problem is. The medibots will sew you back up again if needed."
"If needed?"
Edith smiled. "Yes," she said.

Marc said...

Greg - that's what I keep telling myself...

No, this one's entirely fictional. Er, I suppose if it was based on a dream that would still be true. So I shall say that I made it up in its entirety during my waking hours!

Jeez, I do love your descriptions. Also: that's a fun scene, but only because I am not in it :P Poor Andre...