Tuesday March 4th, 2014

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: monsters.

With Kat appearing to be getting sick again I took Max to StrongStart in her place this morning, hoping that some extra rest will nip this one in the bud. Plus I'm covering a shift tomorrow night and I'd hate to have to leave her to watch Max on her own for the evening while she's feeling ill.

Spring is doing its best to take over around these parts but Winter is being stubborn. I woke to snow falling from grey clouds this morning, but by the afternoon it was warm enough to melt most of what had already been on the ground.

Come on, Spring. You can do it.


My dating troubles
seem trite while I'm standing in
Godzilla's footprint

*     *     *

Beneath my bed lurk
ferocious beasts gnawing on
my self-confidence


Greg said...

It sounds like you need more visitors, I'm sure you all never got sick when you had people constantly around! Still, I hope Kat feels better soon, and that Max is calm and peaceful tomorrow evening while you're on your shift!
I think I like you first haiku better today, but it's a close-run thing. It's only the mention of Godzilla that stopped it being a tie!

Brats, monsters, kiddies...
Unruly wild beasts! But who
Gave them the sugar?

Eating children is
Yesterday's fun. Now we use
Email to snare them!

[I let the acrostic describe the monster this week. I figure since the acrostic is hidden, so is the monster!]

Marc said...

Kat - hmm, is that the trick? Will have to give that a shot :P

Hah, two fine haiku this week! I think I like the first best, but only slightly. For some reason I really like the idea of monsters using email to capture their prey...