Saturday March 22nd, 2014

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about something: prehistoric.

We went for a drive to Tumbler Ridge today to check out their dinosaur museum. Since Max recently attended a dinosaur themed birthday party at the bowling alley, he was pretty excited. Natalie seemed to enjoy it as well, though she mostly just ran around in circles.

Max did quite a bit of that as well.

Here's a shot I snapped with Max and myself in front of the coolest dinosaur skeleton in the exhibit:

It took me many, many attempts to get that picture. He was not particularly interested in sitting still.


By land, by sea, by air,
Dinosaurs all around;
We invented fire
To burn them all down.


Greg said...

Dinosaurs are always cool! And I see you're learning why it's much easier to photograph landscapes than people :) Hah, it's actually easier to photograph racehorses crossing the finishing line than children!
Aw, poor dinosaurs in your poem though!

She's calm and bubbly for the minute;
In fact, she's prehysteric.
But then the tears and temper start
– the party goes prehistoric.

Marc said...

Greg - ah yes, the wonders of stationary landscapes. As long as the wind behaves itself...

Great take on the prompt :D