Tuesday March 25th, 2014

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: reluctance.

Heading back to Osoyoos tomorrow. Going to miss little Natalie and her antics. And her mom and dad as well, obviously.

I suspect Max will also, once he figures out they're not coming with us.

Fingers crossed for clear roads and smooth flights, and I'll see you all again from warmer climes tomorrow night.


Child, I hate to leave,
but I have to go. So may
this parting be brief.

*     *     *

Furrows forged by feet
which dragged, a weight carried by
slim shoulders that sagged


Greg said...

I think I may have already suggested that you "borrow" Natalie for, say, 16 years :) Probably impolite to borrow her mum and dad as well though.
Good luck with the weather and travel!
I like your second haiku better this week, both for the way it's got a rhyme neatly placed at the mid- and end-points and for the imagery it evokes. Beautiful!

Grrrr. Woof, woof; bark bark
I don't want to go to the
Vet. I'll bite your hand

Eternal silence,
Unwillingness to leave. Yet
Pregnancy needs birth.

[I got the acrostic in, but I'm doubtful as to the overall quality. Sigh.]

Greg said...

Also: well done on catching up on so many comments! I'm very impressed :)

morganna said...

Must I go that way?
I'd really rather sit right
Here and not move at all.

Marc said...

Greg - I'd be more interested in that deal if it was repeat, short-term borrows with a good month in between each one.

Thank you!

Heh, your first made me smile and your second is just lovely.

Also: ugh, and I've fallen far behind yet again...

Morganna - hah, that sounds like Max at least twice a day.