Friday November 14th, 2014

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose about: the diagram.

I felt a whole lot better this morning than I was expecting to, so that kept me happy for a good portion of the day. Then I remembered that, for me at least, it's the second day after doing physical activities that I'm not used to doing that I really feel it.

So another round of ibuprofen is on the schedule before bedtime tonight.

Speaking of schedules, the launch of Kat's counselling business is on the calender for this coming Monday. The website is basically finished (for now, anyway) and this morning I finally sorted out her business email address. Just a few more behind the scenes tweaks and I think all will be ready to roll when the time comes.

Feeling very excited for her.


And as we can see in this next room, there are four... oh! My goodness, that was not what I was expecting! Let us move on to the next stop on our tour, yes?

No, sir, I don't believe any of that was intentional - but assembly instructions for children's toys are obviously getting more and more difficult to follow!


Greg said...

Ibuprofen is cheating! No wonder you were able to walk this morning.... DOMS is normal, but if you're fighting it with ibuprofen then you're probably not going to get too much of it. If you stretch properly before bed, that'll help as well.
Well done to both of you on being ready for the launch on Monday! I hope it all goes well :)
And well done on catching up with comments again. The only thing I have to say there is that characters die around you like they do around Miss Marple....
Heh, that must have been quite the sight in your story today. But you've got that joy to look forward too soon, when Max starts getting toys that need assembly that he can't do himself yet :)

The diagram
Millie was dressed, yet again, as Jane Austen and sitting at the window, gazing out, looking consumptive. She turned as Desdemona entered, Amanda trailing behind her, and caught the tail end of the conversation: "–the way to a man's heart is through his stomach."
"And you've got a diagram," said Amanda admiring, pointing to a floppy red piece of paper in Desdemona's hands.
"Drawn on a diapragm that I found while getting to his stomach," said Desdemona proudly.

Greg said...

Drat, that should be diaphragm in the last line... I was still thinking of diagram when I typed it!

Anonymous said...

As a nursing student and an avid martial artist, I would have to disagree with Greg. Ibuprofen for the win!

The Diagram

“So as you can see, the equation was wrong. By following the simple logic set out by our forefathers, you obviously end up on the complete opposite end of the spectrum than what Reynolds predicted. This I propose to investigate further if you would allow me the pleasure of applying for your grant.”
As bright of a pupil as Walter was, however, I couldn’t follow what he’d written on the board; all I could see was a tangle of chalk lines marring the green.

Marc said...

Greg - fair point, but I'm pretty sure I was heading toward a fairly major headache if I didn't take it. Plus I'm too old for this crap, let an old timer cheat! :P

That... is a very appropriate diagram, I should think.

Ivybennet - we used to call it Vitamin I when I played ultimate in Vancouver. I never let a bottle get too close to empty :)

Heh, that sounds like my writing on the chalkboard. I never could get the handle on making it clear...