Sunday November 9th, 2014

The exercise:

Write about: the choir.

There is a pretty major wind blowing out there tonight, and it's been going on for quite a while now. I think winter is in the process of arriving.

I'm holding off on the penultimate entry in the yearlong journey through Vancouver Irrealis until I get some clarification on last month's goings on. So Greg... when you have a moment, please and thank you.


Father Timothy was always preaching to the choir, it seemed. Not the most appealing attribute to have, but we could hardly blame him. I mean, the singing members of his congregation were often the only ones who would show up to his services.

So there wasn't much competition for his attention, you know?

Plus it didn't help that he almost always forgot to wear his glasses on Sundays...


Greg said...

We're definitely only just into Autumn territory here, and the temperatures are still getting a little high for that; still seeing the odd 12 and 14 degree daytime temperatures. The rain's arrived though, which is a relief, and the trees are in deleaf... so at least the wheel of the seasons is actually turning :)
Check your email for Vancouver Irrealis; sorry I haven't got to it sooner but work is... busier than usual :)
Poor Father Timothy, he seems like a well-intentioned soul! And maybe the choir appreciate the myopic attention? :)

The choir
"Does the school have a choir?" inquired a woman who was presumably, the Headmaster thought, the mother of a very unfortunate child. He forced a smile to his face while his thoughts raced to find an answer.
"Miss Snippet is... ah... technically... our choirmistress... at the present time!" he managed, his smile becoming more genuine as he avoided any outright lies.
"I wouldn't say teaching jody calls really constitutes running a choir," whispered his PA to him, but he shushed her with an impatient wave of his hand.

morganna said...

Call and response
Opening our ears to

Anonymous said...

I know how you feel, Marc. I think today was the last good fall day where I am. The incoming cold weather will not be fun. At all!

The Choir:
Sing me a song of the
Way your heart feels, sing
Me a tune or two.
But sing not with voices
Trained to sing sweetly and
Lie through their teeth and grins.
Sing not with a choir that
Sings what they must,
Sing not with the seasoned man.
Sing only that you love
And that love is for me.
Sing me the truth at last.

Marc said...

Greg - thank you for the email, by the way. That was very useful (and totally unexpected!). I think you laid out a pretty good route to the end of the year there.

Hah! I had to click that link before I fully got yours, but I'm so glad I did. That is so terribly appropriate for that school :)

Morganna - love how succinct this acrostic is. Doesn't feel as though a word was wasted.

Ivybennet - winter is okay if you get to spend the worst of it inside. When you still have to go out... blah :P

Utterly lovely work here. Some great lines and imagery and emotions. I'm a big fan of this one :)