Tuesday November 4th, 2014

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: fairies.

Sleepy. Need bed. Write now.


She flits about the
apartment, my beloved
human butterfly

*     *     *

Her magic dust can
fix anything; I sit back
and chug a cold beer


Greg said...

Heh, despite your tiredness you still manage a gentle audible pun with "Write now" there at the end!
I think I like your first haiku better today because I like the idea of a human butterfly quite a lot. But the second one has its appeal too....

Caught in gossamer,
The fairy eyes the hungry
spider approaching.

Tinkerbell is drunk...
Again. Peter Pan tiptoes
out, a little scar'd

ivybennet said...

They wear their hair short,
With sparking wings so bright.
They fly through the night.

These creatures so small
Are able to trick us all.
They steal our children.

morganna said...

Fairies in the garden
With two sweet little girls --
They made it all up.

The Magician
A flick of my wrist,
A high-pitched noise, and voila!
You see a fairy!

Greg said...

@Morganna: I was thinking about going with a Conan-Doyle haiku too! I'm really pleased that you made one :) (Oh, and I also like the titles you gave each haiku.)

Marc said...

Greg - that was, I can assure, entirely unintentional. I'm glad you pointed it out though :)

Heh, I quite like the idea of a drunk Tinkerbell. And a Peter Pan who fears her!

Ivybennet - another wonderful pair of haiku from you, this time with rhymes! Very nice work.

Morganna - yeah, I'm with Greg on this one. That's a great take on the prompt with your first one :)

Greg - since you're here and I'm thinking of it, I'd appreciate some more input on last month's Vancouver Irrealis post when you have the time. I'm struggling with where to go with things at this point, especially with only two months left to us.