Tuesday November 18th, 2014

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: the flame.

After dinner Kat was feeling like an evening launch would be more noticeable than a morning or afternoon one, at least on Facebook. So... here it is, the online home of my wife's counselling business.

Feel free to let me know if you run into any problems with the site. I hear the guy who did it for her is a bit of an amateur and didn't really know what he was doing half the time he was working on it.

But hey, at least I worked for cheap. And! I'm willing to fix (or at least try to fix) whatever mistakes I happened to make. At no extra charge, even.


A lone candle stands
watch against the coming night;
speak softly, my love

*     *     *

Somewhere, in a place
kept secret from prying eyes,
an old flame burns on


Greg said...

That's a very attractive site, nicely laid out, clear and well-presented :) I should think its target audience (doesn't appear to be me, sadly) will like it. Two points for you: I get a broken image link immediately above the privacy policy link at the foot of the page, and of the capitalised words, "overwhelm" isn't a noun as far as I know and so doesn't seem to fit in the list very well. But as I already said, it's a lovely site to look at and it's got a very positive message, so well done!
I think I like your first haiku better this week, probably because the image is very strong!

The flame
I remember you,
We met years ago when I
burned down where I lived....

Your eternal light
Promises freedom from this
Inflammable world.

morganna said...

Soaring through the fire
The phoenix shines like a beacon
For despair and hope.

The bonfire's flames
Die down and the children come
With sticky marshmallows.

ivybennet said...

Dancing in the night
To music no one can hear.
A beauty to see.

Warmth emits from it.
Take heed! A touch will cause pain.
Elemental pride.

Marc said...

Greg - thanks for the note about the image. It loads fine for me but I did just realize it didn't go where it was supposed to when I clicked on it. Fixed that much at least... did that do anything on your end?

I didn't do the text, Kat hired someone else to do the copy, so I'm just going to blame that person for that issue :P

Heh, thank you for the smile your first haiku brought me :D

Morganna - ooh, tough call this week. Two equally good but very different images. Have to admit I'm leaning toward your second as my favorite, but only slightly.

Ivybennet - love the image in your first one, it really has an air of serenity around it.